Welcome to Cuffe Car Sales

Cuffe Car Sales was set up by Tom Cuffe in 1962 who was a man with great vision. He opened the business, initially repairing punctures for bicycles, vans and tractors.

Gradually he began repairing cars for sale –Times were different and he would only sell one car at a time as that was all he could afford to keep in stock.
For the customers who bought cars from him, he would arrange hire purchase, tax and insurance for the car and in a lot of situations taught the buyer how to drive the car. He ran the family business without a phone until the late seventies, making the necessary calls at the local Post Office. 60 years on, his son Seamus is delighted to continue the legacy of running the business with the help of his son and daughter, Barry and Claire.
The location of the garage has remained the same for the 60 years although we have had to expand to make space for selling more than one car at a time.

We’ve also got a phone!!!

We are delighted to have customers who trust us and whose sons and daughters also buy from us…. This is testament to the excellent customer
service that we have given over the past 60 year and continue to give.

We look forward to lots of celebrations over the coming months.

We are 60 years old